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Shuya Wholesale Sanitary Pads: Superior Comfort, Top Quality
Shuya is a top sanitary napkin manufacturer and sanitary pads supplier worldwide. We put women’s health as our priority since our establishment, and that has made us a leading sanitary pads wholesale supplier in the industry. We provide high-quality wholesale sanitary towels that suit all the women around the world. From our sanitary pad factory directly to your shelves, we can guarantee Shuya pads are made with top quality materials.

  • Bulk Feminine Pads Options and Features
  • Shuya sanitary pads are specifically made to satisfy the different requirements of women around the world. Our upgraded selection of sanitary napkins, including 155mm panty liners to 410mm overnight pads, makes sure every woman finds her fit. Our line of sanitary napkin factories manufactures sanitary towels with non-woven surfaces and SAP super absorbent polymers that give a breathable yet secure experience. With different sizes and options to choose from, including day use, night use, and super long maxi pads, Shuya is a comprehensive sanitary pads manufacturer and supplier worldwide.


  • Why Choose Shuya Sanitary Pads?
  • Shuya pads are designed with an anion chip, air-laid paper, and soft cotton surfaces for better comfort. Our materials of wholesale sanitary pads sourced from China, Japan, and the USA, feature no fluorescent agents and are designed with a breathable bottom PE film for optimal comfort and safety.
  • We are proud to be the sanitary pads wholesale supplier serving Fortune Global 500 companies for over 17 years and the certifications and awards we were granted throughout the past years, including ISO/CE/FDA/SGS and more.


  • OEM/ODM and Wholesale Sanitary Pads Solutions:
  • Shuya offers customizable OEM/ODM solutions for businesses looking to create private labels. As a sanitary pads wholesale supplier, we know that every business has different requirements for packaging, materials, sizes, designs, etc. That’s why we provide tailored solutions according to our client’s requirements. Our sanitary napkin factory’s capacity to produce 680 million pieces annually makes us the largest and top bulk sanitary pads supplier not only in China but globally. Shuya’s sanitary pad factory, covering an area of 45,000 square meters with 20+ production lines, is well-equipped to handle large-scale orders within a 35-50-day lead time. Free samples are available.


Want to enhance your inventory with superior Shuya sanitary pads? Contact us today for OEM/ODM services or bulk orders and inquiries. Our team is eager to provide you with samples and discuss how our award-winning OEM services can meet and even beat your expectations.


  • How sanitary pads are made in a factory?
  • Women’s sanitary pad production starts with raw materials like fluff pulp and super absorbent polymers. Machines transform the pulp into an absorbent core, which is then wrapped in soft and leak-proof layers. Finally, the pads are individually packaged for hygiene and convenience. Being the largest women’s sanitary napkin manufacturer in China, we ensure quality in every step of how sanitary pads are made. Standardized management and top international standards, including FDA, CE, ISO9001, SGS, CNAS, and MSDS, ensure our wholesale sanitary towels are of top quality.


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