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Top-Quality Baby Diapers 
Since our establishment in 1985, Shuya has dedicated itself to producing only the best in personal health care, which includes our premium line of baby diapers. Our baby diapers are designed with babies’ comfort and health in mind.
As a global leader in the industry and baby diaper manufacturer, we offer different types of baby diaper products to meet the needs of families and wholesale diaper suppliers worldwide. Our baby diapers are available in bulk, designed with the materials from the best quality source to provide the softness and absorption that every baby deserves.

Why Shuya Wholesale Diapers Stand Out

360° All-round Care: Babies require gentle care from all angles. That’s why our diapers are designed for complete protection, keeping your little one happy and dry throughout the day and night.

Materials That Matter: Our diapers are made from top-quality materials:

  • – Magic tapes for secure fastening
  • – Soft non-woven top sheet for a gentle touch
  • – Advanced leak guard technology to prevent spills
  • – Breathable back sheet with adorable cartoon imagery, maintaining skin health and comfort
  •  Sizes for different ages: From tiny tots to active toddlers, including:
  • – Size M: Ideal for babies weighing 6-11 kgs, available in 62 pcs/pack
  • – Size XL: Perfect for babies weighing 9-14 kgs, available in 52 pcs/pack

Double the Care with Absorbent Core:

  • – Ultra Slim Absorbent Core: Designed for maximum dryness without the bulk, keeping babies comfortable and mobile.
  • Super Soft Absorbent Core: Plush, cozy feel against the skin, reducing irritation and allowing for extended wear.

Skin-Friendly Comfort:

Our diapers are made with hypoallergenic materials that are kind to sensitive skin. We aim to provide a product that is as safe and comfortable as possible, reducing the risk of allergies and discomfort.

Eco-Conscious Production:  Our disposable diapers are produced with environmentally friendly processes that align with our sustainable practices.

As a leading diaper manufacturer, we supply products to wholesale diaper suppliers and offer baby diapers in bulk, making our products available both for businesses and families.

Top Diaper Manufacturer for Over 3 Decades

With over three decades of experience, our modern manufacturing facilities, equipped with the most advanced equipment from the USA, Italy, and Switzerland and produce baby diapers in bulk for wholesale distribution.

We are not only a wholesale baby diapers supplier, but also a professional supplier of adult diapers wholesale with a broad range of options available.

OEM/ODM Services & Baby Diapers in Bulk

As one of the largest wholesale diaper suppliers in the world, Shuya’s OEM/ODM services offer opportunities for private label partnerships. With the capacity to produce 145 million pieces of baby diapers annually, we provide a continuous supply of top-tier baby diapers wholesale, making sure your shelves are always stocked with products that parents trust.

Contact us and request a free sample today. Whether you require baby diapers in bulk, wholesale diapers, or looking for a diaper manufacturer for private label, our team is eager to help. 

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