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Shuya Female Sanitary Products & Personal Hygiene Products
Shuya offers various types of female sanitary products and personal hygiene products, including sanitary pads, panty liners; adult diapers, baby diapers, wood pulp tissues, wet wipes, disposable insole, and medical-surgical masks. Our female sanitary products such as sanitary napkins and panty liners are the renowned OEM Golden service products globally. Our expertise in manufacturing wholesale feminine hygiene products is recognized worldwide, with export to over 60 countries. This has made us a trusted feminine hygiene company that serves global giants, and the largest sanitary pads manufacturer in China. 

Product Categories

We offer quality feminine hygiene products that meet the unique needs of every woman.

  • Advanced Sanitary Pads: Made for superior comfort and leak protection with our technologically advanced sanitary pads.
  • Ultra-Thin Panty Liners: Maintain day-long freshness with our discreet and comfortable panty liners.
  • Superior Baby Diapers: Prioritize your baby’s comfort and skin health with our super absorbent and leak-proof diapers.
  • Discreet Adult Diapers: Our adult diapers offer optimal absorbency and a secure fit for ultimate comfort and discretion.
  • Gentle Wet Wipes: Formulated for various skin types, our gentle yet effective wet wipes leave you feeling clean and refreshed.
  • Luxuriously Soft Tissues: Superior softness and strength, made from 100% pure wood pulp.
  • Odor-Controlling Insoles: Maintain foot freshness throughout the day with our insoles featuring powerful odor-control technology.
  • Protective Face Masks: Prioritize your health and safety with our three-layer face masks that offer superior filtration while remaining comfortable to wear.

OEM/ODM Services of Female Sanitary Products and more

Shuya offers complete OEM/ODM services, making us your perfect partner in building and producing high-quality feminine hygiene products and brands. We leverage our rich experience in R&D and manufacturing to create solutions made to your specific brand requirements.

  • Rich Experience: More than three decades in the industry with six national patent technologies.
  • Customization: Tailor every aspect of wholesale feminine hygiene products, from size and shape to material and packaging.
  • Global Reach: Sales network reaching across China and over 60+ countries worldwide, from Russia to South Africa and Japan to France.
  • Product Options: From sanitary napkins, panty liners and baby diapers to wipes and facial masks, we offer a huge inventory of wholesale feminine hygiene products and personal care products.​
  • Certified Quality: Our female sanitary products meet international standards, holding ISO, CE, FDA, and SGS certifications.

Our 45000 m² factory is equipped with over 20 production lines and backed by a team of 230+ skilled employees. As a state-owned enterprise, our strength and good reputation are your guarantee of quality.

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