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Shuya Wholesale Women’s Panty Liners: The Comfort You Never Had Before 
Shuya specializes in offering the highest quality women’s panty liners designed for your comfort and protection. With over 37 years of dedicated service and innovation in the women’s sanitary products including wholesale sanitary napkin and panty liner industry, we have been continuously upgrading our female panty liners to satisfy the unique needs of each woman. Our anion panty liners with natural pure cotton surfaces are perfect for daily use, providing relief from postpartum incontinence, urinary leakage, and excessive vaginal discharge during ovulation. 

Bulk Panty Liners – Economical & Efficient

We offer bulk panty liners, suitable for businesses and retailers. Benefit from our large-scale production line capable of producing 1900 million pieces annually. We offer top-quality wholesale panty liner options that can provide a steady stock of high-quality essentials for your clientele.

Why Shuya Panty Liners

Because we are the trusted panty liner manufacturer worldwide. As a leading panty liner manufacturer, Shuya stands out with its strict quality control and certification by ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001, ISO13485, BV, CE, FDA, and SGS. We collaborate with global giants, providing private-label panty liners that stand alongside the world’s best. Shuya’s quality control is well-known in the industry and is one of the enterprise benchmarks in the sanitary products industry. Being the largest panty liner manufacturer in China and beyond, we provide top-quality female panty liners across 60+ countries worldwide.

Shuya Female Panty Liners Features

We want every woman to be comfortable regardless of any sanitary product they use. We supply female panty liners that can ensure the comfort of the wearers. From our anion panty liners that feature innovative functional chips to purify and remove odors to our breathable options that prevent humidity, we have a liner for every woman.

Available Size Options:155mm/175mm/190mm

Main Materials/Layers:

  • ① Cotton non-woven
  • ② Functional ANION chip
  • ③ Aid laid paper
  • ④ Breathable PE Sheet
  • ⑤ Hot-melt glue
  • ⑥ Release Paper/Peel strip
  • Customization at Your Fingertips:
  • Shuya’s OEM/ODM services offer customization of panty liners, including size, structure, and packaging.
  • MOQ:300000 pieces/size for private label, Shuya label LCL order is acceptable.
  • Free samples are available.

Request your free sample today and reach out to order or learn more about our OEM/ODM, bulk and wholesale panty liners.

  • FAQ:
  • What is anion panty liners?

Panty liner that has anion strips that can purify the vaginal environment by removing pollen, mold spores, bacteria, and viruses. Our innovative functional anion chip purifies and removes odors, and provides protection and recurrent infections. A breathable back sheet benefits moisture evaporation and prevents humidity and stuffy heat.

  • Can I wear a panty liner every day?

Overwearing the panty liners is not advisable despite its ease of use and comfort. The recommended length of wearing panty liners is 3 to 4 hours, so if you put them on before you sleep at night, make sure you change them in the morning. We advise using panty liners as backup during your ovulation period or having vaginal discharge.

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