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Welcome to be a Distributor of Shuya Brand Products.

At Shuya, a leader among feminine hygiene brands, we 
are on a constant lookout for outstanding distributors and co-partners worldwide. We value partners who can offer:

Advantages of Distributor of Shuya brand

Being a distributor for Shuya, a wholesale feminine hygiene products distributor, comes with significant advantages:

Shuya brand awareness

Access marketing content and videos of Shuya's global presence on platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and beyond.

Shuya Brand Influence

Our products are recognized and respected by customers globally, with exclusive distributors in over 10 countries.

Localized Marketing Strategy

Tailor your marketing to fit local conditions, with ample room for agency management and control rights, offering flexibility.

Promotional Support

Benefit from our online and offline promotional activities to further Shuya brand awareness.

Quality Assurance

We provide robust quality control team, technical support, and production capabilities.

State-Owned Enterprise Credibility

Partner with a brand that's part of the respected Guangxi Agricultural Investment Group and Nanning Sugar Industry, known for strength and a stellar reputation.

Join Our Network of Wholesale Feminine Hygiene Products Distributors As Shuya continues to grow, we invite you to join us as a wholesale feminine hygiene products distributor. With Shuya, you can expect thorough 
support, quality products, and a partnership that values growth and success on both sides. We invite you to collaborate with the renowned 
feminine hygiene brand and lead the market in providing superior feminine hygiene solutions together. Contact us today!
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