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The production plan for the second half of the year has been scheduled for the second half of the year! Shuya is firing full fire for production

Since the beginning of this year, in the face of adverse factors such as post-epidemic disruption, exchange rate fluctuations, and weak consumption, Shuya Company has combined the changing trend of market consumption patterns, started from raw materials, production, quality control, service and other links, actively optimized existing channels, focused on advantageous resources, expanded the scope of product projects, and achieved a good trend of continuous growth of product sales revenue month by month.

The company conscientiously implements the “excellent cost control action”, insists on improving quality, reducing costs and increasing efficiency as the core of the company’s management, grasps all kinds of work “from detail, strictness, practicality and efficiency”, through reasonable arrangement of orders, scientific arrangement of production, strengthen training in operation skills, technology, quality, etc., improve the comprehensive genuine rate and raw material utilization rate, the comprehensive genuine rate in the first quarter was 95.8%, an increase of 0.05% year-on-year. At the same time, in terms of production costs and three expenses, the principle of living within the means of reducing the expenditure of various expenses and achieving cost reduction and efficiency increase.

Shuya company actively introduces new materials, new equipment and new processes, strengthens new product research and development, comprehensively improves production strength and product quality, and continuously enhances market competitiveness. In 2023, Shuya Co., Ltd. cooperated with a well-known international company to develop and launch a personal care product for the first time in the world, upgrading and iteratively using materials to make the product more environmentally friendly, which was recognized by consumers after listing, and the number of orders continued to grow. Next, with the completion and production of Shuya’s health industry integration project (phase I), while greatly improving its production capacity, Shuya will continue to develop new products and enrich its product structure according to market needs, and continuously improve its ability to seize the market with high standards of product quality control and supply chain management capabilities.

Seizing the key opportunity of the liberalization of epidemic prevention and control measures, Shuya’s online and offline platforms worked together to find new business opportunities, develop new customers, and continuously strengthen the ability to dialogue with customers. In March this year, the company took Shuya international version of products as the main product, participated in the economic and trade delegation organized by the Guangxi Department of Commerce, visited Middle Eastern countries, through participating in exhibitions, visiting customers, etc., introduced the company’s high-quality products, collected first-hand market information and customer needs, and reached preliminary cooperation intentions with local dealers in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and other countries.

In April, the company participated in the 20th China-ASEAN Expo Laos tour exhibition, several merchants from Southeast Asia became very interested in the company’s new health care products, and learned more about the characteristics and advantages of the new products, after negotiations between the two sides, successfully signed new orders, and reached preliminary intentional cooperation with Jordan, West Africa and other customers to further expand international new field sales. At the 133rd Spring Canton Fair, the company has received high-quality customers from Russia, Spain, Turkey, Colombia, South Sudan and other countries, and individual customers have reached preliminary cooperation intentions. Next, the company will actively go overseas to participate in the exhibition to grab orders, expand the overseas market layout, and promote the company’s high-quality development.


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